‘A major mistake was made by Benjamin Mendy, but it ends here,’ says Pep Guardiola,


The Benjamin Mendy matter closed after the full-back revealed that he entertained friends at his home on New Year’s Eve in violation of regulations shielding him from the corona virus, Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola claims. On Sunday, City expressed “disappointment” and said they would initiate an internal investigation after a story in The Sun reported that Mendy had allowed his partner’s chef and two friends to visit his home in Cheshire, despite regulations banning people from mixing in his house from different households.

“Despite the controversy, Mendy was not replaced in the 3-1 win over Chelsea, and after the game Pep Guardiola defended the decision to include the player in his squad, saying, “No, he’s one of the party, he’s one of the good guys. In our group there must be love. He’s a special guy for us all, he has an amazing heart. Pep Guardiola, pictured, defended the decision to include Benjamin Men in our group. “I’m not justifying it, he broke the rules. Of course what he did was not correct, but we should not judge him too much. Maybe many people did the same thing. It is easy to judge others. “If we put those intentions aside, maybe it will be easier. Guardiola feels that society is too quick to judge footballers and wishes to see the Mendy affair come to an end: “Guardiola believes that society is too quick to judge footballers and would like to see an end to the Mendy affair: ” The only exception is that our work is done by us. On social media and in interviews, we appear more, but that’s it. I don’t think that footballers are more important to my children than doctors, architects or teachers. “I don’t think footballers are more important than doctors, architects or teachers for my children. ” Mendy realizes that he’s made a huge mistake, but here it ends. “Happy New Year, take care of yourself and yours. – Benjamin Mendy (@benmendy23) December 31, 2020A City spokesman said, “The club is aware of, and subsequent media coverage of, a New Year’s Eve Covid 19 offense involving Benjamin Mendy. Though it is known that the media misinterpreted elements of this incident, and that the player has publicly apologised for his error, the club is saddened to learn of the violation and will conduct an internal investigation. “While it is understood that elements of this incident were misinterpreted in the reports, and that the player has publicly apologized for his mistake, the club is disappointed to learn of the breach and will conduct an internal investigation. ” A statement said, “Benjamin and his partner allowed a chef and two of his partner’s friends to visit his property for a dinner party on New Year’s Eve,” “Ben accepts that this is a breach of Covid 19 protocols and apologizes for his actions in this matter. Ben has undergone Covid testing and has been in contact with Manchester City regarding this matter. “The game of Man City at Everton, which was scheduled to take place tonight at 20:00 GMT, was postponed following a board meeting of the Premier LeagueFull statement: https://t.co/1acm2JUr69#EVEMCI pic.twitter Com/IoFWEPdkC2- Premier League (@premierleague) December 28, 2020 City was forced to do without many Stamford Bridge players, including goalkeeper Ederson, following a virus outbreak in recent days. The away game against Everton on December 28 was postponed shortly after the number of players affected reached five, and it was announced ahead of Sunday’s game that defender was postponed shortly after the number of players affected reached five. “Both members of staff will now undertake a period of self-isolation in accordance with Premier League and British government protocol on quarantine,” a statement said. Manchester City revealed on Sunday that defender Eric Garcia had tested positive for Covid-19 (Martin Rickett/PA) Photos emerged on Saturday of Tottenham’s trio of Erik Lamela, Sergio Reguilon and Giovani Lo Celso attending a massive house party in London over the Christmas holiday holiday. Everyone at the club wishes our colleagues a swift recovery before their return to work, training and tournaments. A statement by Spurs said that the club “strongly condemns” the players’ actions, who are now facing internal disciplinary action. Manuel Lanzini of West Ham was also present at the same gathering. The player apologised for the social situation,


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