A heated internet dispute erupted after a French Olympic runner ‘knocked over’ opponents’ water.


A heated internet dispute erupted after a French Olympic runner ‘knocked over’ opponents’ water.

Morhad Amdouni, a French Olympic runner, has come under fire for reportedly “knocking over” water bottles left out for his competitors during a race.

In the second half of the 26-mile run, when temperatures reached 28 degrees Celsius, Morhad Amdouni, 33, was caught on camera knocking over an entire row of water bottles. The last bottle on the table was taken by the French marathon runner, leaving nothing on the hydration station table for runners behind him. Mr. Amdouni came in 17th place overall.

The moment’s footage has sparked debate on Twitter over whether or not the maneuver was deliberate.

“Run an Olympic marathon in 30-degree heat and see how your hand-eye coordination is at 30 kilometers,” one wrote.

“He isn’t at the table,” said another. While sprinting at a high speed, he must bend and stretch. He’s in the middle of a pack of runners. The heat and humidity have no doubt left you exhausted. “Given the benefit of the doubt, it was a mistake.”

“There’s no way that was an accident,” a third person stated. He runs his palm across the table, knocking over bottles for several seconds while making no move to take one.”

Mr Amdouni later defended himself on Twitter, saying, “To put a stop to all the commotion around the video, I present this video to actually comprehend what happened.”

“The bottles are saturated in water to ensure freshness, which makes them slippery. However, it is obvious that I am attempting to obtain one from the start of the row, but they slip away as soon as we touch them.

The Tokyo Olympics have come to an end, with Team GB producing one of its finest performances ever.

The 65 medals won in Japan equaled Team GB’s tally from their home Olympics in London in 2012, and are only two shy of the record set in Rio in 2016.

There were 22 gold medals won, making it the fourth best result by a British team in Olympic history.

The country’s successful Olympians have showed “there is no limit to what we can do,” according to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, while the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge praised the athletes for their “strength, enthusiasm, and drive.”

Jason Kenny’s victory in the men’s keirin final just hours before the closing ceremony made him the most decorated British Olympian in history.

Kenny, 33, now has a sixth Olympic medal. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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