A dramatic fireball rips across the sky above a city in the United Kingdom.


A dramatic fireball rips across the sky above a city in the United Kingdom.

A meteor was captured on an automobile dashcam burning up in the Earth’s atmosphere, with its flaming tail racing after it, and watchers speculated that the fireball could be from the Draconids or Orionids meteor showers.

A meteor is seen burning in the skies above England in crystal-clear dashcam footage.

A fireball hurtles towards the ground and is defined sharply against the black night sky in the video, which was captured on Friday (October 15) at around 9:18pm near Leicester.

As it burns in Earth’s atmosphere, the meteor’s blazing tail can be seen streaming behind it.

The film has been viewed thousands of times since it was posted on Reddit by u/Jackster21 yesterday night, and people have been pleased.

“Congratulations, you are privileged to see this, you will remember this,” one person commented.

A second person added: “In October, the Draconids and Orionids meteor showers occur. So it may have been caused by asteroids!” Someone else remarked: “At the same time, we saw one above Bedford. Surely there are a few.” Another user said, “My partner and I witnessed this while driving in Sheffield.”

“You see a shooting star, I see the beginning of an invasion,” wrote someone else, joking that it may be a UFO or aliens.

The Draconids are a brief meteor shower that appeared around nightfall this year and peaked on October 8.

Meanwhile, Orionid meteors can be seen between October 2 and November 7 as Earth passes through the debris stream created by Comet Halley.

Sightings of the Orionid constellation are likely to peak on October 21, the day after the full moon, which may make visibility difficult due to its brightness.

This comes after a woman was nearly murdered when a meteor purportedly “inches from her head” collided with her pillow.

Ruth Hamilton recalled, “I just jumped up and turned on the light, I couldn’t figure out what the hell had occurred.”

Ruth alerted the authorities, and the object was ultimately identified as a billion-year-old space rock.

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