A consideration in canceling the championship game is the closing of the Covid testing facility


Bristol City vs Brentford and Luton vs QPR were postponed until EFL players were told on Friday to come to training in training clothing as a closed venue

Bristol City has announced that it has postponed their Brentford championship match, scheduled for Saturday. The Bristol club says that it has not been possible to test the full squad and staff in the locker room in time for the game due to the closing of a training facility over the holidays. “Following discussions with Brentford and the English Football League, the decision has been taken to postpone the game for the safety of the players and staff of both clubs,” the club said.

In due course, a new date for the game will be revealed.”‘Unprofessional’: Mourinho unhappy with Tottenham-Fulham postponementContinuedThe EFL said, “Shortly after the news of the Brentford-Bristol City game, Luton announced that their home game was also postponed against QPR on Saturday. “A statement from Luton read, “We are waiting for more testing that sadly can not be done before tomorrow’s 3pm kick-off by official EFL procedures, so the league has decided to postpone the game on our own request and medical advice from the league. The game will be made up as soon as possible, and information will be conveyed to fans in due course.

“After five players were affected by the virus, Rotherham cancelled two games over Christmas, but their manager, Paul Warne, said they felt obliged to play in Tuesday’s game against Barnsley, for which they named only six players on the bench. Warne said, “I was told that there would be retaliation for going against medical advice if we did not play the game. The chance of a point deduction was a fine, which I don’t want to hang over our heads. Returning to the issue ahead of Saturday’s Cardiff game, Warne said, “Returning to the issue ahead of Saturday’s game against Cardiff, Warne said, ” Nobody in the gym is approved, no indoor stuff,[and]the boys have to take their jerseys home and return to them for training.


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