7 athletes who retired at the pinnacle of their careers, including Formula One’s Lewis Hamilton, who described himself as “disillusioned.”


7 athletes who retired at the pinnacle of their careers, including Lewis Hamilton of Formula One.

After a heartbreaking defeat to Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton’s F1 future is uncertain, and the British driver is said to be ‘disillusioned’ with the sport heading into the new season.

It’s gone when the motivation is gone.

Some athletes stick with their chosen sport for as long as they can, such as Kazuyoshi Miura, who signed with his 15th club in December at the age of 54.

However, a small number of athletes have abandoned their chosen sport at the pinnacle of their careers, leaving fans and the media perplexed.

Following the dramatic events in the desert, F1 star Lewis Hamilton may be the latest to join this list, with the F1 star describing himself as “disillusioned” with racing.

With that in mind, Brinkwire Sport examines seven athletes who retired from sports while still in their prime.

Michael Jordan is the only player on this list who has left basketball not once, but twice during his prime years.

Jordan walked away from basketball and turned his attention to baseball after leading the Chicago Bulls to their first ‘threepeat,’ but basketball proved to be an itch that needed scratching.

Jordan reappeared, delivered another ‘threepeat,’ and then retreated back into the wilderness.

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In 1997, Cantona said, “I always planned to retire when I was at the top, and I have reached the pinnacle of my career at Manchester United.”

The King, as he was dubbed on the Stretford End, retired from the Beautiful Game at the age of 30 after a stellar career with Sir Alex Ferguson’s Red Devils.

Cantona only stayed in England for five years, with stops at Leeds and Manchester United, but his legacy lives on.

Rocky Marciano, the only undefeated heavyweight in history, retired from the sport at the age of 31.

During his professional career, which spanned the years 1947 to 1956, the Massachusetts native went 49-0.

Marciano is said to have given up boxing in order to spend more time with his family.

At the age of 26, Bjorn Borg made the bold decision to retire from tennis.

Borg, a tennis legend, was at the top of his game in 1981, but he sat out the majority of the 1982 season due to general exhaustion and only returned for one Open in 1983.

Despite being one of the best in the world, the Swede decided it was time to retire.

Khabib Nurmagomedov retired from MMA with a 29-0 record, 32 years old, and the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet.

“It’s because I’m feeling.”

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