3 radio coverage of McGregor vs Poirier: How to get free access to UFC 264


3 radio coverage of McGregor vs Poirier: How to get free access to UFC 264

On Sunday morning, Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier go at it again.

Conor McGregor seems dead set on avenging his UFC 257 loss over Dustin Poirier in their trilogy battle this weekend. The two will face off on Sunday, with a win apiece heading into the highly anticipated match.

Conor McGregor told his website The MacLife ahead of the fight that his training for UFC 264 has been different than how he prepared for his last fight against Poirier.

“First and foremost, [we]focused on mixed martial arts,” he stated. Before UFC 257, there was an 85% camp for boxing; for Manny Pacquiao, that’s how the fight came about.

“It wasn’t even going to be a UFC event; it was supposed to be a charity event. It was merely because he was a southpaw, and I felt sorry for him and decided to assist him. That’s all there is to it.

“It went the way it went, and I had a setback, but setbacks are wonderful things.

“I say defeat is the secret ingredient to success, and it has landed me exactly where I need to be.”

McGregor also issued a final statement of intent toward Poirier, warning him that he will ‘kill’ him on Sunday.

McGregor added, “He’s a corpse, a dead body, a blank face that’s going to get his ass whooped and dragged out on a stretcher.”

“Every shot I’ve fired in this camp has been a kill shot, so that’s the end of it. This man is going to die.

“It was just a slaughter and a game with a scared little boy,” says the narrator. He’s fighting afraid, as he usually is, as they always are when it comes to me.

“So now I’m going to play with the small child, then play with my meal before devouring it.”

Fans in the United Kingdom who stay up until the early hours of the morning to watch the fight this weekend could be in for a huge day.

Later in the day, there is a major football game that viewers will want to be well-rested for.

If you don’t want to brave the night, you can listen to free live radio coverage of McGregor vs Poirier 3 on BBC Radio 5 Live.

If you prefer the digital life, you can listen to the battle on the BBC Sounds app.

“Brinkwire Summary News” is how the BBC advertises their live broadcast.


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