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YouTube launches new ‘bedtime’ feature that lets you set reminders to go to sleep

YouTube launches new ‘bedtime’ feature that lets you set reminders to stop watching videos and go to sleep 

Available on Android and iPhone, the reminder can be set to flash across a user’s screen at a specific time every night.

They can then either take the hint and log off for the night, or hit either snooze or dismiss. 

The Google-owned giant began rolling the new feature out yesterday. 

It is expected to be available for all app users within three days, but not to those that use the desktop version.

Announcing the new feature, YouTube said: ‘With many of us at home, it can be especially hard to stick to your routine.

‘And it’s more important than ever to set boundaries to help manage how much time you’re spending online.’ 

YouTube has sent more than three billion reminders since it launched the ‘take a break’ feature two years ago. 

The app already allows users to check how long they have been online, through their time watched profile, and change settings for how they receive notifications.

The feature stops short of what’s on offer on many smartphones and tablets already, which have settings that block applications after a specific period of time.

Androids have a feature called Digital Wellbeing, located in settings, which tells users how long they’ve spent looking at their phone and can be set to restrict time on specific apps.

Warnings flash up as time on the app for the day is nearing the end, before it is ‘locked’ completely once all the time is used up.

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