YouTube as a Research Tool? Here Are the Best Resources for Learning More About AI and Science-Related Topics.


YouTube may not be a reliable source for research, but it can be, with the right people or channels that base their content on facts and information, and not just on plain opinions or speculations. Misinformation is rampant in society nowadays, and it is hard to believe anything that comes from the internet, as it could be the result of a person’s discrepancy.

Google’s video-sharing platform has since then been the place to go when looking for a more audio-visual type of presentation, aside from reading a long News Feed post from Facebook. People have been long flocking YouTube for entertainment purposes, but, as all things are, it can also be a source for education and learning something new.

YouTube: Best Science Sources to Learn From

YouTube may not be the ideal source for all stuff science, but it can be with the right channels to go to and view. Data science, machine learning, health tech, AI, and space are some of the biggest trends in the industry today, and these YouTubers and channels may help in understanding them a little better than a person does before.

Daniel Bourke – Machine Learning, Health Tech

Starting with one of the most ideal issues to tackle now is health tech, and with that, YouTuber Daniel Bourke highlights a channel that talks about machine learning and other focuses of science and health.

Apart from his fruitful content about machine learning, Bourke has also focused on delivering health and technology information to give his audiences more.

Abhishek Thakur – Machine and Deep Learning, Grandmaster on Kaggle

The world’s first Quadruple Grand Master on Kaggle has gone on to bring his knowledge to more people, at a platform as accessible as YouTube.

Grandmaster Abishek Thakur has worked on Google’s Kaggle for a long time now, and he brings his approach to the subject into a different light with his knowledgeable videos. With this, several confusions and confusing information can be better understood.

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NASA Space Flight – All SpaceX and Space Content

If you are looking into a more space-related page or channel, NASA Space Flight is one of the most popular YouTube channels there is.

They are already 16 years into providing space knowledge for all, and in the present times, it has been focusing its content more on SpaceX’s innovations and career.

They have focused a lot on the Starship ventures,. Brinkwire Summary News.


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