Watch as a meteor erupts above Florida, raising concerns of an aircraft disaster.


Watch as a meteor erupts above Florida, raising concerns of an aircraft disaster.

A FIREBALL THUNDERED FLORIDA residents, who feared a plane was crashing in the Sunshine State as it sped through the sky.

Residents of Florida were fortunate enough to see a large meteor over the weekend. The fireball sped across the night sky, leaving behind a dazzling tail. The fireball was captured on security cameras, and the footage shows night temporarily transitioning to day as the meteor passed past.

More than a hundred people reported their sighting to the International Meteor Organisation (IMO).

The blast was so tremendous that several witnesses thought a plane had crashed.

“It was the brightest fireball/shooting star I’ve ever seen,” Rick told the IMO.

“I thought it was a plane crashing, but it was bigger and brighter than that. It got close to the horizon, but another building blocked my view.”

“The train was incredibly long, shiny, and straight,” Marissa recalled. From what I recall, it did not begin or end with a spectacular explosion, but simply fizzled out at the end.

“At first, I couldn’t tell if it was a plane or a piece of spacecraft falling from the sky, but then it just vanished, and I knew it was a shooting star or something.”

“It was an extraordinarily bright and extended encounter, one I’ve never seen before,” Harlie continued.

“It brightened up the entire sky, giving me the impression that the sun had just popped out for a quick greeting. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

“I couldn’t see where it ended because of trees and buildings,” Sophia explained.

“I’ve never seen anything in the sky that was so huge, green, and bright before. It was a large green light with a brilliant white tail arcing across the sky.”

“It felt extremely close to the ground,” Sean continued. Not as high as I had anticipated.”

Fortunately, the meteor did not hit the ground, and the explosion was caused by a minor meteor striking the atmosphere.

Meteors may produce such a powerful burst of light because air – which they had not experienced until entering Earth’s atmosphere – enters the pores of the rocks, driving them to explode.

“Fireballs are meteors that appear brighter than normal,” the IMO explained.

“Brinkwire Summary News”, “Due to the velocity at which they strike the Earth’s atmosphere, debris greater than.”


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