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Virgin Media broadband is down AGAIN

Virgin Media customers are again suffering with poor service as the internet provider battles with intermittent connectivity issues.

It affected thousands of customers, leaving people across the country without internet for up to two minutes a time and this happened three times.  

Reported issues are across the UK, with a high concentration in the Midlands and London. 

According to outage tracker site DownDetector, the issues started at around 10:18am BST.  

More than three-quarters of all reported problems with Virgin are with its cable internet.  

This is at least the seventh outage for Virgin customers in the last six months.  

A minority of users were also struggling with mobile internet and TV issues, but it is unclear if these were related. 

Downdetector aggregates customer complaints posted to social media, giving an idea of when a site is experiencing technical difficulties and is not official.  

Virgin Media is one of the most popular broadband providers in the UK.  

Unlike many others, it has its own infrastructure and does not use the Openreach network. 

Virgin customers are unfortunately accustomed to such issues, with the provider being beleaguered by crashes throughout the coronavirus pandemic. 

In July, Virgin confirmed an outage which it claimed was local only to Nottingham. 

A couple of weeks beforehand a similar outage hit London, leaving people unplugged for several hours.  

Users took to Twitter to vent their frustration at the internet provider. 

One user said: ‘When did Virgin become so bad as an internet provider? 

‘There was a time they provided a reliable service and now they are having problem after problem.’ 

Another user echoed the sentiment of a service in decline, which was once known for its robustness. 

Asghar Abbas, a Virgin customer, said on Twitter: ‘Impossible to get hold of someone in support to resolve the Intermittent issue. 

‘Virgin Media was one of the best ISP in internet speed for 1 year but for the last 6 months the service is gone down the drain so the support. 

‘Please let us know who can help..’ 

Others bemoaned the timing of the outage, on A-level results day, causing issues with accessing university clearing.   

Recent research shows millions of people – about 25 per cent of the UK’s working adults – are still working exclusively from home as a result of coronavirus and are relying on a good internet connection. 

A study by found that, over the last year, the average UK household has spent 29 hours offline due to outages. 

Nearly five million people have suffered a single broadband outage that lasted three hours or more. 

It is unknown what the cause of the current outage and how widespread it is. Virgin says ‘services are currently stable [and] we’re still looking into the root cause.’

Last month, rival network Openreach was struck down as a small fire in a building in Newcastle which damaged the cables carrying internet to the region.

However, an outage can be caused by various glitches or flaws which manifest themselves as a drop in service. 

The issue is not believed to be due to a large volume of traffic, as the broadband network has coped well with increased demand throughout lockdown.  

Virgin Media, for example, reported at the start of this month that  the latest Call of Duty: Warzone update caused a 60 per cent spike in traffic on Wednesday 5 August. 

Overall, an additional 22 Petabytes of data was downloaded compared to the previous week. 

At the peak of recorded traffic, the equivalent of more than 52 PS4 Warzone patches worth of data were downloaded each second.

A Virgin spokesperson told MailOnline: ‘We are investigating an issue which caused some our customers to experience an intermittent problem of around 5-10 minutes with their broadband service and we apologise for the inconvenience caused.

‘The issue did not affect all customers and was not caused by a lack of capacity or a surge in demand – while services are currently stable we’re still looking into the root cause. 

‘As we’ve previously stated, Down Detector is not an accurate reflection of our network status and provides no insight into where and why an issue may occur.’

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