Virgin Galactic launch LIVE stream: You can watch Virgin Galactic’s historic flight online right now.


Virgin Galactic launch LIVE stream: You can watch Virgin Galactic’s historic flight online right now.

Today, VIRGIN GALACTIC will launch its first fully crewed mission into space, and Sir Richard Branson will be among the passengers. This website will allow you to watch the historic flight live online.

The launch of Virgin Galactic is scheduled for after 3.30 p.m. BST today (July 11), and the event will be streamed live online. And if that wasn’t enough, Stephen Colbert, host of CBS’s Late Show, will host the stream, which will feature musician Khalid performing a new song. The launch, codenamed Unity 22, will be the company’s 22nd flight but only its fourth space mission.

The voyage will be unique in that it will be the first time Virgin Galactic has flown with a complete crew of two pilots and four flight professionals.

Sir Richard Branson, the brains of the Virgin enterprise, has joined the crew today.

The business entrepreneur will put his company’s “private astronaut experience” to the test, which he aims to introduce to the general public one day.

The billionaire and his team will travel to a height of around 56 miles onboard the SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity, where they will spend about four minutes in weightlessness.

“Wake up and see the launch of the future space age!” Virgin Galactic tweeted early Sunday. Our mission specialists from #Unity22, including @RichardBranson, are just hours away from launching our test flight.”

How to see the Virgin Galactic launch in real time on the internet:

In the attached video player above, you can witness the launch from beginning to end, courtesy of Virgin Galactic.

Stephen Colbert will host the show, which will include performances by musician Khalid, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, and future Virgin Galactic astronaut Kellie Gerardi.

The stream was supposed to start at 2 p.m. BST (9 a.m. EDT/7 a.m. MDT/6 a.m. PST).

The flight has been rescheduled for 3.30pm BST (10.30am ET/8.30am MT/7.30am PT) owing to overnight weather in the launch region.

The VSS Unity should lift off shortly after the stream begins, based on previous test flights.

The VMS Eve airplane will be used to carry the rocket-powered spacecraft into the sky.

The couple will take off from Spaceport America in the US state of New Mexico, where the firm is based.

The VSS Unity will separate and engage its rocket motor at a height of around 10 miles (15 kilometers).

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