Tropical Storm Helene Will Become Hurricane Helene 2018, Track Northwest: Spaghetti Models

Hurricane Helene 2018 will likely develop in the Atlantic Sunday, adding yet another storm to an active September. Tropical Storm Helene has formed as expected, located near the Cabo Verde Islands today, with winds of 45 miles per hour on and moving west at 13 miles per hour.

Conditions are ripe for Hurricane Helene to develop Sunday, likely gaining rapid strength, according to the latest forecast models update. The Cabo Verde Islands could get up to 8 inches of rain from the system.

In light of Florence’s recent surprising path, questions about the Tropical Storm Helene or Hurricane Helene path are natural, especially since it will quickly gain hurricane strength.

Where will Hurricane Helene go?

With strengthening expected for the next three days, and westward-northwestward movement, the National Hurricane Center is forecasting Hurricane Helene to take a northwest turn in five days — perhaps ultimately floating away from the U.S. in the Atlantic.

“Little change was required to the track forecast, which has been nudged only slightly south for the first 48 h of the forecast, in line with the latest track model consensus,” the NHC said Saturday morning, in the latest Helene update.

“A westward motion should continue for the next couple of days, as Helene is steered by a mid-level ridge to the north. By day 5, the aforementioned trough over the central Atlantic should force Helene to turn toward the northwest.”

It’s unclear if Hurricane Helene will threaten the land but it won’t occur any time soon, the Weather Channel said.

“Helene will continue to move west-northwest far from land over the next week or so, “ the weather experts predicted. “It remains unclear whether this system will ever make it far enough west to become a threat to the Lesser Antilles, or whether it will turn north into the open Atlantic Ocean.”


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