There is nothing that can stop Putin now! As EU gas prices rise, Biden fails to impose sanctions on Russia.


Nothing can stop Putin now! As EU gas prices rise, Biden fails to impose sanctions on Russia.

Even after Vladimir Putin sent gas prices soaring and sparked an energy crisis in the EU, Joe Biden will not impose sanctions on Russia.

Senator Ted Cruz’s bill to impose sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline failed to pass the Senate on Thursday.

Nord Stream 2 will transport gas from Russia to Germany via the Baltic Sea, passing through Poland and Ukraine.

However, the pipeline has been delayed, and German regulators have suspended its certification; critics claim that Mr Putin has intentionally withheld gas deliveries from Europe in order to speed up the certification process.

Gas prices have soared to new highs due to low supplies in Europe.

Margrethe Vestager, the EU’s antitrust chief, said this week that supply had not been increased to meet demand.

She is said to have questioned Gazprom, Russia’s state-owned gas company, about the EU’s high energy prices, which are reportedly the result of the EU’s gas shortage.

“It’s thought-provoking that a company limits supply in the face of rising demand,” Ms Vestager said at a press conference.

“In the marketplace, that is extremely uncommon behavior.

“A number of energy suppliers in this field have received questionnaires from us.”

“We have received many responses, but others, including Gazprom, are still pending.”

We’re looking forward to hearing from them so we can continue our investigation.”

Despite these remarks, Vice President Biden appears to be taking a softer stance on Nord Stream 2 than his predecessor, Donald Trump.

He did so because he waived sanctions imposed on the pipeline in May.

And now, once again, Washington has ruled out sanctions.

The bill to reintroduce sanctions in the Senate received 55 votes in favor and 44 votes against.

However, it required 60 votes to pass.

It comes a day after Mr. Biden voted in favor of an alternative bill that had passed a Senate vote the day before.

If Russia engages in hostilities against Ukraine, the bill would impose broad sanctions on top Russian government and military officials, as well as banking institutions.

However, no sanctions against Nord Stream 2 appear to be on the table.

Despite the fact that Washington has previously opposed the pipeline and has even called for it to be abandoned entirely if Russia invades Ukraine, this is the case now.

This is why the West could use Nord, according to Jake Sullivan, Vice President Biden’s Security Advisor.

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