There is no need for a fourth Covid vaccine, according to new UK booster guidance.


UK officials issue new booster guidance, stating that no fourth Covid vaccine is required.

A FOURTH Covid vaccine may not be required, according to new evidence released by UK health officials.

According to the most recent data from the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), booster doses continue to provide high levels of protection against severe disease caused by the Omicron variant in older adults.

As a result, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI), which is conducting a review of the booster program, has concluded that a fourth shot may not be required.

The committee has concluded that a second booster dose, or fourth jab, is not required for the most vulnerable (care home residents and those over the age of 80).

According to current data, protection against hospitalization among those aged 65 and up remains at around 90% three months after receiving the third jab.

Even after two vaccine doses, protection against severe disease drops to around 70% after three months and 50% after six months.

However, the committee has stated that as more data becomes available, the timing and need for additional booster doses will be reviewed.

The committee also recommends that first booster doses be given to all age groups as a priority.

People who have not been vaccinated are encouraged to get their first two doses as soon as possible, according to the JCVI.

“The current data shows the booster dose continues to provide high levels of protection against severe disease, even for the most vulnerable older age groups,” said Professor Wei Shen Lim, chair of the JCVI’s COVID-19 immunisation committee.

“As a result, the committee has concluded that there is no immediate need for a second booster dose, though this will be reviewed in the future.”

“The results are very encouraging, and they emphasize the importance of getting a booster shot.”

With Omicron continuing to spread, I encourage everyone to come forward for their booster dose, or if they are not yet vaccinated, their first two doses, to boost their protection against serious illness.”

The UKHSA’s most recent study focused on booster doses in people over 65, who were among the first to be eligible when the booster program began in mid-September.

Although the duration of protection against severe disease remains high after a booster dose, protection against mild symptomatic infection is much shorter, lasting only about 30 minutes.

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