The true identity of the’mystery hut’ on the lunar surface has been revealed by a Chinese lunar rover, and it’s ‘brilliant.’


The true identity of the’mystery hut’ on the lunar surface has been revealed by a Chinese lunar rover, and it’s ‘brilliant.’

The true identity of a “mystery” house-shaped object on the far side of the lunar surface has been determined by China’s Moon rover mission.

As part of China’s Chang’e-4 lunar lander mission, the Yutu-2 rover has been exploring the Moon’s far side since early 2019.

It recently noticed an enigmatic cube-shaped object off in the distance.

The rover team drove over to take a closer look after catching a glimpse of the perplexing object.

The “mystery house” turned out to be nothing more than a rock after all the speculation.

However, when it was first noticed, it sparked a wave of interest.

“Ah,” wrote Andrew Jones, a journalist who covers China’s space program, on Twitter.

On the lunar far side, we have a new update from Yutu-2, which includes a photo of a cubic shape on the northern horizon -80m away from the rover in Von Kármán crater.

“The next 2-3 lunar days will be spent getting closer to check it out, referred to as “” (“mystery house”).”

Mr Jones was not discouraged, despite the fact that all he found was a rock.

“It’s so underwhelming it’s brilliant,” he said of the saga’s conclusion.

“Oh, this is amazing,” he tweeted once more.

“I was on the verge of crying.

Ourspace has posted an update on the “mystery hut,” and it’s hilariously underwhelming.

“It’s just a small rock on the rim of a crater that they’ve dubbed “jade rabbit” because of its appearance.”

The “hut” was a small lumpy rock sitting on a crater rim in the shape of a cube.

However, in the rover’s original image, it appeared to be much larger and more mysterious.

The rover was only able to reveal the object’s true form after getting closer and gaining a better perspective.

The huddled shape of the rock has earned it the moniker “jade rabbit.”

This is due to the fact that it resembles a bunny rabbit crouching with a couple of carrots in front of it.

It’s almost as if the Yutu-2 rover has found its own mascot on the Moon, as its name translates to Jade Rabbit.

Yutu-2 runs on solar power, so it goes into hibernation when the sun goes down.

This is why getting closer to the “mystery hut” for a better look took some time.

Yutu-2 is the first rover mission to visit the Moon’s far side.

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