The Tesla Humanoid Robot is teased as the company taps into Chinese engineering talent at a new Shanghai facility.


The Tesla Humanoid Robot is teased as the company taps into Chinese engineering talent at a new Shanghai facility.

Tesla teases its humanoid robot as it unveils its Shanghai Research and Development Center, as well as the Shanghai Gigafactory Data Center, leveraging Chinese engineering talent.

According to Bloomberg, the new plant in China is the American EV giant’s first research and development center outside of the United States. Furthermore, Tesla reported that its data center in the foreign country has been completed.

Elon Musk’s electric vehicle company also announced that two additional plants in Shanghai will begin operations soon.

Previously, Tesla only had a physical manufacturing plant in Shanghai, the Gigafactory, which utilizes Chinese manufacturing expertise.

However, with the opening of its first overseas research and development center, the automaker is growing in Asia to take advantage of the country’s engineering capabilities.

Tesla Teases Humanoid Robot

Tesla added a footage of its future humanoid robot as it concluded its announcement of the completion of the new Shanghai facility, according to Electrek.

Last August 22, Elon Musk initially introduced Tesla’s humanoid robot, stating that it would be available in 2022.

The Tesla CEO went on to say that the “Tesla Bot” is designed to perform mundane, dangerous, and repetitive human duties that some people refuse to do.

Tesla released various job posts for the Tesla Bot on their career portal a few days following the introduction of the humanoid robot, including a mechanical engineer and a robotics architect.

These job chances, however, are based in Austin, Texas.

Nonetheless, the presence of the humanoid robot, as well as the opening of Tesla’s new engineering facility in China, has sparked suspicion that the company’s team in Asia could help to its development. However, no confirmation has been made by the electric vehicle company.

Tesla’s Shanghai facility employs Chinese engineers.

Electrek previously reported that Tesla first unveiled the recently finished research and development center in the Asian country on Jan. 19, 2020.

During that time, the automaker revealed that the new Shanghai facility would contain a design studio for future electric vehicle developments.

Tesla had already accepted entries for the design of its Chinese-made electric vehicle after its initial announcement. After then, there was a hiring program for the new facility.

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