The SNP is already involved in a fight with the Greens, putting Sturgeon’s aspiration of independence in jeopardy.


The SNP is already involved in a fight with the Greens, putting Sturgeon’s aspiration of independence in jeopardy.

According to one of Scotland’s most prominent political experts, NICOLA STURGEON’S goal of independence is disintegrating before her eyes.

The Scottish National Party’s (SNP) leader bragged about her party’s power-sharing deal with the Scottish Greens, calling it “groundbreaking.” During an address to Holyrood, Ms Sturgeon claimed it proved the argument for a second independence vote “undeniable.” She went on to say that the mandate for another referendum in the coming years is already assured, citing the fact that the SNP and Greens now hold 72 of the 129 seats in the Scottish Parliament.

However, Chris Deerin, Director of Reform Scotland, an independent think tank located in Edinburgh, thinks the coalition offers “nothing” to help the cause.

“The confidence with which the First Minister and her administration talk of conducting a second independence referendum in the next few years is befuddled by the lack of any visible path, and by a Westminster government that provides no indication it will grant one,” he wrote for the New Statement.

“I simply have no idea how this will turn out – and neither do you.” Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t know either.

“Despite Sturgeon’s self-serving argument to the contrary, the Nat-Green partnership accomplishes nothing to help the independence cause.

“The Greens are as vehemently pro-independence as the most ardent SNP minister, and would have voted for a referendum anyway.”

Ms Sturgeon announced plans for vaccine passports for entrance to nightclubs and large-scale indoor and outdoor events yesterday, in an effort to halt the spread of Covid illnesses before the autumn.

Opposition parties, including the Greens, reacted angrily and with outrage.

“It isn’t even a true coalition, with the Greens’ co-leaders given amusingly modest non-cabinet roles — Patrick Harvie is minister for zero-carbon buildings, active travel, and renters’ rights, while Lorna Slater is minister for green skills, circular economy, and biodiversity,” Mr Deerin continued.

“The junior party may still vote against the government on a variety of crucial topics — they’re already at odds with Sturgeon over vaccine passports.

“Among my SNP sources, there is little enthusiasm for the deal.

“When people have expressed support on social media, it’s mostly been a case of putting a grin on their face.

“The message the deal sends to Scotland’s business sector, much of which already has a negative image of the administration.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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