The Blue Origin Spaceflight of William Shatner Is Finally Launched! Is It Really Safe for Senior Citizens to Travel to Space?


William Shatner’s Blue Origin spaceflight was recently delayed because of the forecasted winds near its West Texas launch site.

“Due to forecasted winds in West Texas we are pushing #NS18 launch target to Wednesday, October 13,” said Jeff Bezos’ giant space station via its recent official tweet.

Now, the upcoming space launch that would bring the popular “Star Trek” actor to outer space is expected to happen at exactly 9:00 a.m. or 10:00 a.m. EDT this Oct. 13.

“There is this mystique of being in space and that much closer to the stars and being weightless,” said the popular Canadian actor via BBC’s latest report.

He added that he wanted to look at the orb form of Earth and appreciate the planet’s tenacity and beauty during his 10 minutes of spaceflight.

Is It Safe for William Shatner To Visit Space?

Once William Shatner completes his most-awaited spaceflight, the 90 years old passenger would be considered the oldest individual to visit space.

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However, is it really safe for the old actor to go outside the Earth’s atmosphere without any Blue Origin employee in the spacecraft? According to CNN Business’ latest report, Bezos’ giant space company already conducted a dozen of uncrewed test flights.

These activities of Blue Origin involving its New Shepard rocket were successful since no one was injured during their spaceflights. The billionaire CEO is even one of the recent passengers to be launched into space.

This just shows how the boss of Blue Origin trusts his company when it comes to delivering passengers outside the planet. But, there are still some effects that individuals would experience once they are floating in outer space.

Effects of Outer Space To Old People

The loss of gravity could greatly affect humans if they stay in that situation. But, old individuals would experience these changes at a faster rate. To give you more idea, here are some of the effects that people would experience outside the planet:

  • Bones would lose density
  • Muscles become smaller and weaker
  • Their legs would have trouble standing up once they are back on Earth
  • Possible bone fracture, especially with old astronauts or passengers
  • Older individuals would be more at risk of bone and muscle deconditioning

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