The BBC has been chastised for its ‘devastating story’ on the Greek wildfires: ‘It’s all gone south quickly.’


The BBC has been chastised for its ‘devastating story’ on the Greek wildfires: ‘It’s all gone south quickly.’

THE BBC has been chastised for its “devastating report” on the Greek wildfires, with one viewer alleging that the broadcaster’s coverage has “slowly deteriorated.”

As 586 wildfires rage in “all corners,” Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotaki has declared his country to be “in the midst of a natural tragedy of unparalleled dimensions.” Firefighters continue to battle blazes across the Mediterranean nation, which is experiencing one of its worst heatwaves in decades. Experts have cautioned that southern Europe, where droughts are becoming more frequent and severe, is the region most vulnerable to climate change’s effects on the continent.

The BBC, however, did not disclose this in one of its news programs, according to multi-award-winning Matthew Todd.

“The BBC just did a heartbreaking documentary on the record Greek wildfires,” he tweeted on August 7.

“There isn’t a single mention of climate change.

“The world’s leading scientists claim that climate change is to blame for the world’s record wildfires.

“It would be sheer insanity to ignore this. It puts us all in danger.”

Mr Todd does not specify which report he is referring to, but the BBC is looking into it.

Mr Todd, on the other hand, was not alone in his criticism.

“We have to wake up and act,” one responded. The planet has become overheated as a result of our actions. Earth’s evolved life is currently threatened by fires, droughts, and unstable systems.

“Humans were clever enough to bring it about. Are we capable of putting a stop to it?”

Another added: “BBC cannot manage news and current affairs. It should be taken out of their purview.”

“I’m wondering how long it will be before we see British woodlands and woodland burning like this,” a third said. The BBC might bring up climate change at that point.”

“With the exception of one or two of their correspondents, the BBC has gone downhill quickly with its news reporting,” a fourth claimed.

There have also been instances of arson, with three persons arrested in Greece last week on suspicion of committing arson.

Nonetheless, climate change is still regarded to be the primary cause.

Greece has experienced a scorching heat wave, with temperatures reaching 45°C, not far from the European record of 48°C recorded in Athens in 1977.

Italy, Turkey, and other southern European countries have also been impacted.

The BBC has mentioned this in recent web reports.

“Heatwaves like this are growing more often and more extreme as a result of.”Brinkwire Summary News,” says one.


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