Strange moment when a ‘UFO’ orb falls to Earth unexpectedly, creating a frenzy of ideas.


Strange moment when a ‘UFO’ orb falls to Earth unexpectedly, creating a frenzy of ideas.

An alleged UFO was sighted hovering above a man’s house in Azpeitia, Spain, using night vision binoculars. The weird item looked to be flying towards the ground at breakneck speed. A strange video shows a supposed UFO lingering in the sky before crashing down very quickly on Earth, prompting conspiracy theorists to label it “legit.”

A big ball is floating in the night sky above Azpeitia, Spain, as seen by Xan Bernardo with night vision binoculars on October 8.

With the infrared, the unusual item can be seen moving slowly from side to side above the rooftops before descending down extremely rapidly and disappearing.

The unusual clip was hailed as “quite cool” by the YouTube channel The Hidden Underbelly 2.0, which shared it.

He stated, ” “This orb is invisible to the naked eye. This was detected using night vision.

“And all we see is this object floating before it suddenly drops straight down.

“This, in my opinion, is not the behavior of any thing we may have.

“This thing just flies down to the earth.”

The video has been viewed hundreds of times since it was posted, and it has created a debate about what the orb could be, with many viewers speculating that it is an alien craft.

One person stated: “Ewwww, that’s a real one. The gyro is curved and rotates around an invisible axis.” Another person wrote: “Dropping like that appears to be such a character trait of theirs.

“This is similar to the other major video of a ufo falling into the water. They’re almost as though they’re saying, ‘You’re filming.’ Look away from us.'” A third person wrote: “It’s very interesting how it fell to the ground! It also appeared to have faded out, if that makes sense?” “This appears like a hologram to me,” said someone dubious of the possibility of UFOs. Sign up for one of our newsletters to receive more articles from the Brinkwire.


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