Storm Ida devastation: A DOLPHIN has been observed swimming through floodwaters following ‘historic’ floods in the United States.


Storm Ida devastation: A DOLPHIN has been observed swimming through floodwaters following ‘historic’ floods in the United States.

After Hurricane Ida’s flash floods wreaked havoc in Slidell, Louisiana, a DOLPHIN was seen on camera swimming through flooded waters.

The dolphin’s fin can be seen poking out of the water as it makes its way through the flooded neighborhood. Amanda Huling of Louisiana told Fox 35 Orlando that she was looking at the damage left by Hurricane Harvey when she noticed the monster. Slidell is located on the other side of Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans. Ms Huling was looking about when she noticed a dorsal fin poking out of the water’s surface a few times, and she hurriedly grabbed her phone to record the strange phenomena.

The magnitude of the flooding in the region where the dolphin was observed was difficult to gauge, but trees could be seen poking up above the water’s surface.

According to City Mayor Greg Cromer, the city was flooded severely, leaving over a million people without power and more left on rooftops in need of rescue.

He also warned that other creatures, including alligators, could be found in the flooding.

This came after a man’s right arm was bitten off near Slidell, and his wife witnessed the terrifying event.

The body of the man is still missing.

Seven persons have already been confirmed to have perished as a result of the storm.

Coastal locations, such as the little communities of Jean Lafitte, Barataria, and lower Lafitte, were particularly vulnerable to the storm.

US President Joe Biden had previously declared the state a major disaster, allocating additional cash for rescue and rehabilitation work.

On Monday, he stated that the US government would “stand with the people of the Gulf [Coast] for as long as it takes you to recover.”

The hurricane has faded and is now classified as a slow-moving tropical depression, but it was once one of the most intense storms ever to hit the United States.

It produced gusts of high to 172 mph and was the seventh most powerful storm to ever hit the US continent.

It is currently causing flooding in New York, trapping individuals in their homes as floodwaters ripped through streets, subways, and railway lines around the city.

On Wednesday night, Mayor Bill de Blasio proclaimed a state of emergency in New York City, citing a “historic.” Brinkwire Summary News


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