‘Spider-Man’ PS4 Beginner’s Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Start

Marvel’s Spider-Man is available now for PlayStation 4 and offers a great mix of deep and simplistic gameplay.

Players can enjoy a two-button fighting style that allows Spidey to punch and launch webs at his enemies, but the addition of skills, gadgets and suits offers everyone a variety of ways to play.

We’ve compiled this guide of the major features players will need to understand when playing Marvel’s Spider-Man.


In Marvel’s Spider-Man players will be able to swing, fight and explore NYC as the Webslinger. There are a lot of buttons and combinations that players must master to get the most out of the superhero.

From swinging around New York City to fighting a group of thugs, players will face an overwhelming amount of controls to start. However, Insomniac Games does a good job of mapping out the PS4 so players will get used to the inputs very quickly.

Here’s an image of the PS4 controller with its inputs.


Swinging, sprinting and climbing buildings all over New York City makes up a huge chunk of Spider-Man PS4. The basics of traversing the city include the R2 button, which allows Spidey to swing from buildings, trees and other structures. You can hold R2 when climbing a wall or on the street to sprint and parkour over objects.

When swinging, tap the X button to zip forward. This gives Spider-Man a brief boost of speed, but does cause Spidey to lose momentum when swinging. The key to webslinging is knowing when to release the line for maximum momentum and always remembering that height=momentum=speed.

Hold L2 to slow down time and aim. Spider-Man can shoot a web at certain ledges and holding L2 allows for players to swing up and across buildings faster. This technique is great for stealth missions. Tapping L3 will also allow for Spider-Man to get in a crouch position to perform Perch Takedowns easier.

Here are some other techniques you can use when traversing New York City.;

Diving: Tap L3 to have Spider-Man dive toward the ground, this allows for Spidey to pick up speed allowing for faster swinging.

Upside-Down : When wall-crawling on a ceiling, hold L2 and move the left stick down to have Spidey lower himself down with web to secure a more advantageous position.

Air Tricks: once unlocked through the skills menu, Air Tricks can be performed in between web swings and boost experience points. Hold Circle and Triangle while moving the left stick in different directions to perform various tricks.


There’s plenty of fights in Marvel’s Spider-Man and while the basics have players tapping Square a few times to perform combos, there are some other techniques to battling you’ll want to know about.

Air Combo: Holding the Square button will launch enemies into the air, allowing for a follow up combo. This is great if you find yourself surrounded or if you want to break through an enemy’s block.

Dodging: The Circle button allows for quick dodges. If you press Circle at just the right time, Spider-Man will perform a “perfect dodge” that will allow for Spidey to hit an enemy with web automatically or even take them out.

Throwing Items: Holding the L1 + R1 button will have Spider-Man use his web to toss items at enemies.

Webstrike: Tapping Triangle will allow Spider-Man to hit an enemy with a line of web and pull himself close to perform a combo. Skills can be learned that will allow Spider-Man to disarm weapons if Triangle is held.

Slipping Underneath: Some enemies have shields that can’t be broken through, by tapping Circle and Square, Spider-Man will slip underneath an enemy to attack them from behind.

Finisher/Focus Bar: Spider-Man has a Focus Bar that builds up over time from performing combos. When it fills up to a certain point, Spider-Man will be able to unleash a finishing move that will one-shot an enemy. Tap Triangle and Circle to perform a finishing move when its prompted. Tap down on the control pad to heal some health.

Gadget: Players can tap the R1 button to use a gadget. Holding down L1 will open up Spidey’s Gadget wheel.


As you make your way through the story and the side quests, Spider-Man will level up and gain points that can be used to learn new skills. Players will also receive resources by completing certain tasks or missions that can be used to build gadget upgrades and new suits.

Skills: Spider-Man has three Skill Trees that enhances his attack, defensive and traversive capabilities. The first few tiers cost only one point, but as you further down the tree the cost increases. Some examples of new skills include allowing for shields to be taken away through your webs or gaining Focus Bar by performing aerial tricks while swinging.

Suits: There are quite a few suits in Marvel’s Spider-Man that do more than change how Spidey looks. Each suit has a slot for a recharging Suit Power that can be used by pressing L3 + R3. Each suit comes with a new Suit Power but any suit can equip any unlocked power.

Gadget Upgrades: Like suits, new gadgets can be built as the story progresses and you gain more resources. These gadgets can then be upgraded, like giving them enhanced attack capabilities or more shots in your web shooters.

How are you enjoying Spider-Man? Did we leave anything out that beginner’s need to know? Let us know in the comments section below.


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