Solar eclipse 2021: A rare ‘ring of fire’ eclipse will be visible across the United Kingdom TODAY.


Solar eclipse 2021: A rare ‘ring of fire’ eclipse will be visible across the United Kingdom TODAY.

A PARTIAL eclipse will be seen in the UK today as the Moon passes in front of the Sun.

On Thursday, June 10, a rare celestial phenomenon will be visible across much of the Northern Hemisphere.

It only happens every one or two years, and it can only be viewed in specific places of the earth each time.

The Moon will pass across the Sun’s face, but it will not entirely block out the star’s light.

Due to the Moon’s partial obscuration of the star’s disc, a ‘ring of fire’ or annulus of sunlight will be seen.

The Arctic is the ideal spot to see the magnificent phenomenon, yet few people live there.

Scotland will be the best site in the UK to see the event, in terms of how much of the Sun’s disc will be obscured.

Around 40% of the Sun will be overshadowed in places like Lerwick, Shetland Islands (11:27 BST) and Stornoway, Isle of Lewis (11:18 BST).

People in London (11:13 BST) will see around 20% of the star obscured by the Moon.

It is recommended that you do not gaze directly at the Sun with your naked eye during an eclipse, as this can result in lasting damage.

If people want to watch the phenomena, they should use appropriate viewing equipment, such as authorized eclipse glasses or a pinhole projector.

Local astronomy groups will also host organized events to help people safely see the eclipse.

Because the Moon’s orbit around the Earth is not completely round, not every eclipse can be total.

The distance between the Moon and the Earth fluctuates between 356,500 and 406,700 kilometers.

Prof Lucie Green of UCL’s Mullard Space Science Laboratory told the BBC, “An eclipse provides us an opportunity to interact with the Sun.”

“Normally, our star shines so brightly that we don’t pay it much attention.

“However, during an eclipse of any kind, we can watch the Moon pass in front of the Sun and be reminded of the clockwork Solar System we live in if we gaze safely.”


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