Scientists uncover the world’s northernmost island in Greenland.


Scientists uncover the world’s northernmost island in Greenland.

Scientists are rewriting history when researchers accidentally discovered the world’s northernmost point of land in Greenland.

By accident, researchers discovered what is thought to be the world’s northernmost island.

Last month, scientists on an expedition discovered the yet-to-be-named island.

They assumed they’d arrived to Oodaaq, the former holder of the famous title of “world’s northernmost island.”

Oodaaq is 700 kilometers (435 miles) south of the North Pole and was discovered by a Danish survey crew in 1978 off the northern coast of Greenland.

The new island, on the other hand, is located 780 meters north of Oodaaq.

“We were confident that the island we were standing on was Oodaaq, which until then was registered as the world’s northernmost island,” expedition leader Morten Rasch of the University of Copenhagen stated of the discovery.

“However, when I shared images of the island and its coordinates on social media, a slew of American island hunters went insane and claimed it couldn’t be true.”

The discovery was made purely by chance while researchers were collecting samples in the region.

“It was not our objective to locate a new island,” Mr Rasch stated.

The small island is made mostly of mud and moraine, which is rock and dirt left behind by moving glaciers. It spans about 30 meters across and has a three-meter top.

Shifting ice off the coast of Greenland uncovered the island.

According to a statement from Copenhagen University, it could have formed during a strong storm and could be a “short-lived islet.”

“No one knows how long it will last,” the statement continued.

“It may theoretically vanish as soon as a major new storm hits.”

Some land must stay above sea level at high tide to be properly designated as an island and hence subject to territorial claims.

“It satisfies the characteristics of an island,” said Rene Forsberg, professor and head of geodynamics at Denmark’s National Space Institute.

“At the moment, this is the world’s most northern land.”

Mr Forsberg, on the other hand, suggested that “these small islands come and go,” and that this does not support Denmark’s claim to territory north of Greenland.

The melting of ice in the Arctic has created conflict between countries such as Canada, the United States, Russia, Denmark, and Norway, who are all vying for control of fishing rights and new trade routes.

Greenland is a self-governing country, according to the “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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