Scientists shame Djokovic after his anti-vax rant: ‘Rules apply to everyone.’


Scientists shame Djokovic after the anti-vax star causes havoc: ‘Rules apply to everyone.’

A UK scientist has publicly shamed NOVAK DJOKOVIC after he was denied entry to Australia for refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

After his visa was denied by border officials, the world number one is now in a refugee detention hotel, where he will have to spend the weekend.

Tennis Australia and Victoria state announced on Tuesday that the 34-year-old Serb had been granted an exemption by two independent medical panels.

Djokovic believed that by doing so, he would be exempt from the country’s strict vaccine regulations, but the border force claimed that he had failed to meet the entry requirements.

“The Australian government is entirely correct in applying their policy consistently,” said Prof Jonathan Ives of the University of Bristol.

“This isn’t about whether or not one agrees with vaccines or vaccine mandates, or even whether or not famous athletes set a “good” example.

It’s about the pros and cons of deviating from rules.

“These rules should apply equally to everyone, and exceptions can and should be made only for good reason, based on clear and transparent criteria.”

“Exceptions to a vaccine mandate would have to be based on morally relevant criteria, and could only be justified if a person has a legitimate medical exemption, for example.”

While Djokovic has filed an appeal against the decision to deny his visa, these aren’t the only concerns about the exemption’s approval.

Tennis Australia received letters from the Department of Health and the Minister for Health in November, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

These revealed that Djokovic did not meet the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation’s definition of quarantine-free entry.

According to the letters, a Covid infection within the previous six months is not enough to qualify for an exemption unless the person has been vaccinated.

“However, this type of exemption is only really relevant for people who have no choice but to participate in activities for which the vaccine is mandated,” Prof Ives said.

“If I have no other option but to move to Australia and vaccines are required for entry, it is reasonable to request an exemption if taking the vaccine would jeopardize my health.”

“However, this is not the topic at hand.

Even if Mr. Djokovic has a valid medical reason for refusing the vaccine, that doesn’t change the fact that he isn’t getting it.

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