Scientists say Britain is the closest country in Europe to escaping the pandemic, according to the Covid masterstroke.


Britain’s Covid masterstroke: Scientists say the UK is the most likely country in Europe to be free of the pandemic.

According to scientists, Britain has made a masterstroke in the fight against COVID-19 and is now the closest country in Europe to being free of the pandemic.

According to experts, a combination of infections and vaccinations has resulted in a high level of immunity.

According to their research, if all restrictions and vaccinations were lifted today, England would lose 10,000 people.

This compares to 114,000 in Germany and 16,000 in Greece, both of which are a sixth of the size of the United Kingdom.

Their findings were based on a calculation of immunity distribution across age groups and countries.

Coronavirus-related deaths in the UK average around 1,000 per week, with 15,000 since “freedom day” in July.

“In a sense, we paid a very high price for being further along the path toward having a high level of immunity in the population,” said Dr. Lloyd Chapman of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

“I believe only time will tell whether that was the right strategy or not.”

The UK has had a high level of infection since early summer.

This has resulted in deaths that are comparable to those in Belgium and Italy, but are significantly higher than the European average and nearly double those in Germany.

“England has done a good job of getting higher vaccination coverage in the eldest age groups,” Dr. Chapman added.

More than 16 million boosters or third doses have been distributed in the United Kingdom, more than in almost any other European country.

And now, as a result of this, the number of cases among the over-70s is declining.

Infection-acquired immunity ranged from 3% in Norway to 70% in Romania, according to the research.

Portugal had the highest vaccine coverage, while Slovakia and Romania had the lowest.

Romania could face another 70,000 deaths, according to estimates.

“The story of the pandemic is that the really high incidence of infections has been in younger age groups, but the impact has really been seen in the eldest age group,” Dr. Chapman explained. “So, despite very high levels of natural immunity, there are still enough susceptible people due to lack of vaccination.”

According to the study, there could be 300,000 more deaths and 900,000 more hospital admissions in Europe.

To arrive at that figure, they assumed immunity was fixed and the full potential of the.

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