‘Science doesn’t have all answers,’ Brian Cox said, implying that God’s existence is still a possibility.


‘Science doesn’t have all answers,’ Brian Cox hinted at the possibility of God’s existence.

After admitting that science “doesn’t have all the answers,” BRIAN COX once left the door open for the existence of God.

‘Universe: Where Everything Begins and Ends,’ a hit series from the world-renowned physicist, returns to television tonight.

He’ll continue his cosmic exploration with a journey into the unknown: to the galaxy’s core, where an unseen monster resides.

Sagittarius A* is four million times the mass of the Sun and has such a massive gravitational field that nothing, including light, can escape it.

Black holes were a thing of theoretical physics for decades — with the emphasis on the theory.

However, scientific progress in the late twentieth century resulted in the groundbreaking discovery of the first blackhole.

Scientists have stepped up their efforts to study the phenomenon in recent years, learning a lot about the dangers that exist in space.

Many scientists would have scowled at the notion of a region of spacetime where gravity is so powerful that nothing can escape.

The same can be said for the case for God’s existence.

For hundreds of years, even in scientific circles, the question was never raised: the existence of God was an unquestionable fact.

In today’s world, most scientists believe that there is no such higher power because there is no evidence for it.

Professor Cox has previously stated that he has “no personal faith,” despite rejecting the label of atheist.

Nonetheless, in a 2019 appearance on Joe Rogan’s ‘PowerfulJRE’ podcast, he admitted that there was a gap in science where the existence of a God could fit.

Prof. Cox and his colleagues were discussing their efforts to popularize and make physics more accessible.

“What we should say is that science doesn’t have all the answers,” he said. “We don’t know where the laws of nature came from, and we don’t know why the universe began the way it did, if it did have a beginning.”

“We don’t know why the Big Bang was so well-ordered, which shows that the only difference between the past and the future the so-called arrow of time is that the universe was well-ordered in the past, and it’s becoming more disordered now.”

“And that essential state of.”

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