Save 15% on the Vybe Flex Massage Gun while quickly massaging away your pain.


Now is the time to massage your pain away and save 15% on the Vybe Flex Massage Gun.


After you’ve put in some good workouts, your body will begin to heal.

The soreness becomes overwhelming, and even simple tasks such as getting up and down from the toilet can be painful.

The Vybe Flex massage gun allows you to sit comfortably on the throne once more.

This gun has a 12 mm deep tissue impact and is great for breaking up muscle tension and knots before and after a workout.

You don’t have to be a gym rat to use this gun; it’s a great way to relieve stress from everyday life.

The six interchangeable attachments cover all of the bases.

Relieve back pain and activate muscles with three different levels of vibration ranging from 1800 to 3400 RPMs to improve performance and recovery.

Reduce joint stiffness and perform at your best.

Today only, save 15%.


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