Sadiq Khan has been labeled as “vulnerable.” The London Underground is in the midst of a “serious” problem.


Sadiq Khan has been labeled as “vulnerable.” The London Underground is in the midst of a “serious” problem.

SADIQ KHAN has been chastised for the London Underground’s “vulnerable” status, with engineers apparently facing a “serious dilemma” as a result of the recent rains.

Last month, the metropolis was thrown into disarray as nine London Underground stations were forced to close owing to flooding. Experts warn that extreme weather occurrences will become more common as a result of climate change. Floods are made more likely by the more intense weather patterns produced by long-term global climate change, according to the United Nations Environment Programme.

And this presents a significant challenge for TfL engineers (TfL).

“Such significant weather impacts illustrate how insecure much of our existing infrastructure is even in cities like London,” Asad Rehman, a spokeswoman for the COP26 Coalition, told the Financial Times.

As the capital has grown, “we’ve concreted or asphalted over much of the land in the city,” according to Dragan Savic, a professor of hydroinformatics at the University of Exeter.

This means there is “reduced ability to absorb the rain that falls.”

According to Wired, TfL issued a report in 2016 warning that serious flooding on the Underground was only a matter of time.

King’s Cross, London Bridge, Waterloo, Finsbury Park, Notting Hill Gate, Seven Sisters, Colliers Wood, Stockwell, and Marble Arch are among the 57 stations reported to be at “high risk” of flooding.

The Greater London Authority (GLA) produced a report in 2009 claiming that 72 London Underground and Docklands Light Railway (DLR) stations are located on floodplains.

According to a 2018 version of the same GLA assessment, 20 stations were vulnerable to a flood so severe that it would only happen once every 100 years.

“Floodwater getting into underground stations provides a specific threat and a serious engineering concern if floodwaters infiltrate tube tunnels,” the report stated.

Mr Khan has been warned by Catherine Russel, a member of the London Assembly who authored a report in 2019 on the risk of flooding in the UK capital.

“Sure enough, when you get a lot of rain falling on London, you get flooded roads, Tube stations, and homes, and all the chaos and misery that comes with it,” she remarked.

She is concerned that Londoners will face a “future of overburdened drains, flooded.” Brinkwire Summary News


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