Richard Branson lands after Virgin Galactic’s historic spaceflight ‘Touchdown!’


Richard Branson lands after Virgin Galactic’s historic spaceflight ‘Touchdown!’

With the launch of tech mogul and billionaire Richard Branson into space today, VIRGIN GALACTIC has made spaceflight history. This webpage will keep you up to date on the mission’s progress.

Virgin Galactic’s first fully crewed suborbital space flight has taken off. At 3.40 p.m. BST, the space tourism firm launched from New Mexico’s famed Spaceport America. More crucially, business billionaire and Virgin mogul Sir Richard Branson will be one of the six individuals onboard the VSS Unity spacecraft today, earning his astronaut wings.

Sir Richard, 70, has surpassed renowned NASA astronaut John Glenn as the second-oldest person to journey into space.

His mission on today’s voyage was to assess the spacecraft’s “private astronaut experience,” which he aims to convey to the general public one day.

It was Virgin Galactic’s 22nd total flight and fourth trip into suborbital space during today’s mission.

The firm, on the other hand, has never flown with a crew of four flight specialists.

“It’s a magnificent day to fly to space,” Sir Richard stated before of the voyage.

Sir Richard stated that he intends to start selling to clients next year.

“I’ve taken my notepad with me and I’ve written down 30 or 40 minor things that will make the next person who goes to space with us have a better experience,” he continued.

“Sometimes the only way to find these little things is to jump in a spaceship and travel to space to see it for yourself.”

Mr Branson flew his Virgin Galactic rocket plane more than 50 miles above the New Mexico desert and safely returned in the vehicle’s first fully crewed test journey to space, a symbolic milestone for a venture he began 17 years ago.

“I was once a child with a dream staring up to the stars,” he posted on Twitter.

“Now I’m a grownup on a spaceship orbiting our lovely Earth.

“If we can achieve it, think what you can do,” he says to the next generation of visionaries.

Sir Richard remarked after arriving down on Earth that he has wanted to observe the Earth from space since he was a boy.

“I was honoured to test the fantastic customer experience as part of this remarkable group of mission professionals and now astronauts as Virgin’s founder,” he stated.

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