Richard Branson is a bombshell! The majority of people are afraid to approach Virgin man’s space trip.


Richard Branson is a bombshell! The majority of people are afraid to approach Virgin man’s space trip.

BILLIONAIRE The bulk of us have not been inspired by Sir Richard Branson’s rocket ride to the edge of space to dream of doing such a high-speed adventure.

According to a poll conducted for the Sunday Express by Redfield and Wilton Strategies, 62% of us would refuse to go on such a trip even if handed a free ticket and were spared the £180,000 fare.

Only three out of ten people desire to go on the Virgin Galactic journey.

Women were the ones who were most averse to being shot into the sky. Sixty-seven percent of women, compared to 57 percent of males, would decline a free ticket.

For the past 17 years, Sir Richard’s business has been working on the rocket plane. The entrepreneur took it to a height of 53 miles last week and recounted staring down at our “beautiful Earth” as he did so.

“I would go up in a heartbeat,” Sophie Allan, head of learning and teaching at Leicester’s National Space Academy, said. Riding that technology and seeing our globe below me is something I’ve wanted to do for years.

“I am excited that the work of commercial spaceflight companies – as well as philanthropic organizations securing free or reduced tickets for some who cannot currently afford a ticket – will free up space for cheaper research and provide more people with the opportunity to experience these life-changing opportunities.”

The British Interplanetary Society’s chief executive, Elizabeth Anderson, was pleased by the fact that 30% of people would jump at the chance to go into space.

“Space is one of the final big unknowns for all save the lucky few – research showing that a third of people would travel to the edge of space demonstrates that the public is enthralled by this adventure,” she said.

“Space tourism brings more people closer to space than ever before, and the British Interplanetary Society is eager about how this will raise public awareness of Britain’s participation in the space sector, including Mars rovers and lunar base camp missions.”

Mark Logan, the Conservative MP for Bolton North East and a member of Westminster’s science and technology committee, has expressed interest in going into space and would like to utilize the opportunity to promote one of his town’s famous delicacies to the rest of the globe.

“If my constituents want to get rid of me for a while – you ain’t getting rid of me – send me to space and eat a.”Brinkwire Summary News”, he remarked.


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