Real-life Jurassic Park: Expert Advice Experiment to resurrect dinosaurs in the style of Frankenstein.


Real-life Jurassic Park: Expert Advice Experiment to resurrect dinosaurs in the style of Frankenstein.

At first look, bringing dinosaurs back to life may appear impossible, but a scientist has devised a Frankenstein-styled technique that might conceivably result in scary dinosaur hybrids.

For one basic reason, advances in genetic engineering and cloning have not got us any closer to resurrecting the dinosaurs. DNA does not survive long enough. A six-mile-wide (10-kilometer) asteroid slammed the planet 66 million years ago, killing the dinosaurs off the coast of modern-day Mexico. After seven million years, DNA breaks down, so scientists are unlikely to find any genetic material in the fossil record.

According to William Ausich, a professor of palaeontology at The Ohio State University in the United States, not all hope is lost.

DNA was discovered in ancient mammoth remains in the past, with ambitions to clone the enormous elephant relative.

What if, instead of cloning dinosaurs from prehistoric DNA discovered in fossilized dinosaur bones, scientists looked to the dinosaurs’ modern relative, the bird?

Birds are the only surviving dinosaurs who escaped the flaming inferno of the so-called Chicxulub collision, according to scientists.

That means there could be traces of dinosaur DNA lurking somewhere in the genomes of current birds.

Birds developed from the tiniest members of theropod dinosaurs, a meat-eating dinosaur family.

This is the same monster family that includes the terrifying Tyrannosaurus rex and velociraptor.

Scientists have previously worked out what dino DNA would have looked like by examining birds and turtles, according to a 2018 research.

The DNA of a theropod like the T.rex was discovered to be extremely similar to that of a modern-day ostrich or chicken, according to the team from the University of Kent.

Unfortunately, this does not indicate that scientists will ever be able to resuscitate dinosaurs, according to Paul Barrett of the Museum of Natural History.

Professor Ausich, on the other hand, offered a hypothetical scenario in which dino DNA fragments may be stitched together with other DNA to create a Frankenstein-like monster.

“Just for fun, let’s pretend that researchers came up with fragments of dinosaur DNA someday in the future,” he wrote in a post for The Conservation.

“Despite using only fragments, scientists were unable to create a full dinosaur.

“Instead, they’d have to join the bits with modern-day animal DNA to make a living organism.”

This creature’s name would not be “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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