Putin is being blamed for the rise in energy bills for millions of Britons, who’must become self-sufficient.’


Putin is being blamed for the rising cost of energy for millions of Britons, who’must become self-sufficient.’

According to Tory MP John Penrose, VLADIMIR PUTIN is to blame for the UK’s energy crisis, which has seen millions of Britons’ bills skyrocket.

As the energy industry has warned of a “national crisis,” the government has been urged to intervene to keep energy bills from rising.

Energy companies have advocated for measures such as the elimination of VAT and green levies on energy bills to help consumers cope with rising costs.

Despite the fact that key industry voices have made this appeal, Conservative MP John Pernose claims that these charges are not the primary cause of rising energy bills.

“The major change in our energy bills isn’t being driven by VAT or green levies or these sorts of things,” he told GB News.

“Yes, they are a factor.

But the truly significant change, the thing that is causing us all pain and will continue to do so in the coming months, is the rising international price of gas.”

And the Conservative MP blamed the Kremlin.

“That (increased international gas prices) is actually being driven by decisions made by Moscow because they stopped pumping as much gas,” he continued.

“It all comes through a series of pipelines into the rest of Europe, knocking British energy bills away.”

For more than two weeks, Russia has been diverting gas flow to the East via the Yamal-Europe pipeline.

International gas prices rose by 30% as a result of the move.

But this isn’t the first time Russia has cut Europe’s gas supply.

In fact, Russia’s President has been squeezing Europe’s gas supply for months.

He’s been accused of intentionally delaying gas deliveries to Europe in order to hasten the certification of a new pipeline, Nord Stream 2.

This route would bypass Poland and Ukraine, bringing gas from Russia directly to Germany.

However, after experiencing delays, it appears that Mr Putin has maintained his ban on gas entering Europe, causing prices to skyrocket.

As a result, Europe experienced record-high gas prices in both October and November.

This is why, according to Mr Penrose, eliminating VAT and green levies will not prevent rising energy costs.

He urged Prime Minister Theresa May to reduce Britain’s reliance on European energy sources.

“We need to decouple ourselves,” he said.

“We require.

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