PM advised not to rejoin Galileo project: ‘Stealing from taxpayers for the advantage of the EU!’


PM advised not to rejoin Galileo project: ‘Stealing from taxpayers for the advantage of the EU!’

BORIS JOHNSON has been urged to go forward with plans for a UK equivalent to the EU’s Galileo project, despite new statistics indicating that the British people does not want to put money into the EU’s coffers.

By 2026, the system will be fully operational and in orbit, offering precision navigation for government agencies, armed forces, and emergency services in EU member states. Fears that the UK may be left behind in the space race after Brexit have grown, but new research suggests that Britons would oppose any attempt to rejoin Galileo.

Despite having made substantial contributions to its development, Britain lost its permission to use the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) when it left the EU.

Civil officials and business leaders have urged the government to restart discussions on rejoining the EU, and the EU appears to be amenable to the idea.

“The European Union is ready to talking with the UK on its involvement in EU space programs,” Timo Pesonen, the European Commission’s Director General for Defence Industry and Space, said at a briefing in Brussels in June. “The ball is in London, not here,” says the narrator. The government has previously stated that “the UK would not join in the EU’s Galileo program,” and an overwhelming majority of Express readers agree this is the correct decision.

It comes after an 8,028-person poll conducted from October 8 to 11.

“Everything the EU touches turns into an expensive nightmare,” one voter said. We should ignore Galileo and focus on our own space interests. Otherwise, it will just be another method for UK taxpayers to be fleeced” (username Mr Sensible).

The UK has already partnered with Bharti Global, an Indian enterprise, to invest £725 million in space technology startup OneWeb.

Many have already predicted that this will be a viable replacement to Galileo in the future.

“The Government has established a clear objective for a sovereign space program that will deliver long-term strategic and commercial benefits for the UK,” a spokesman for the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said.

The Government Office for Science has cautioned Boris that improving the UK’s position, navigation, and time-dependent (PNT) services is of “critical importance” as self-driving vehicles and boats become more commonplace over the next decade.

Taking on a “Brinkwire Summary News” is one of the challenges.


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