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Photographer captures incredible close-up shots of a jumping spider showing every hair and eye

If you get arachnophobia, you might want to read a different MailOnline article.

Professional photographer Calvin Taylor Lee has captured incredible close-up shots of a jumping spider that show its every fine hair and eye in magnificent detail.

The tiny model — which belongs to the species Hyllus diardi — sports four pairs of eyes which give it incredible vision to help catch its prey.

If the present images weren’t incredible enough, Mr Lee reckons that he can get in even closer next time.

The professional photographer enjoys taking so-called ‘macro’ — or extreme close-up — pictures of creepy crawlies in his spare time.

He took the stunning shot of the jumping spider on a recent day off.

Mr Lee, who hails from Scunthorpe in Lincolnshire, said that it took him just four attempts to capture an image of the spider that he was happy with.

He added that he thinks another attempt could see him get up to 30 millimetres closer with cropping.

The picture was taken at Mr Lee’s home, using a Sony a7RII digital camera with a macro lens attached.

Mr Lee doesn’t just take pictures of spiders, however — his other close-up subjects have included horse-flies, wasps and ghost mantises.


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