Pfizer’s protection against the Delta strain appears to be vanishing, according to data from Israel.


Pfizer’s protection against the Delta strain appears to be vanishing, according to data from Israel.

THE EFFECTIVENESS OF Pfizer’s Covid vaccination drops drastically after six months, according to new research from Israel, which suggests the vaccine “vanishes” when faced with the Delta coronavirus strain.

The alarming discovery comes during an outbreak of infections in Israel blamed on the highly dangerous Delta coronavirus strain. As of September 2, approximately 11,200 new cases had been reported in the country, according to the latest estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO). Despite the fact that more than 13.7 million vaccines have previously been distributed, including a continuing effort to distribute booster shots, the increase persists.

According to a pre-print study published by Israeli experts, the spike in infections could be connected to the declining efficiency of Covid vaccinations.

The study, which was published on the medRxiv server, looked at the viral loads of almost 11,000 patients who were infected during the current outbreak.

When compared to uninfected people, people who are sick within two months of their second jab have lower virus levels, according to the findings.

However, six months after being injected, the situation becomes considerably murkier, with the study indicating that protection against the virus basically “vanishes.”

“This infectiousness protection begins to wane for patients two months after vaccination and eventually vanishes for patients six months or more after vaccination,” according to the study.

Researchers in the United Kingdom previously discovered that the Pfizer vaccine’s protection wears off after six months.

The Pfizer vaccine was only 88 to 74 percent as effective five to six months after the second dose, according to the ZOE COVID Study.

The study brought up the possibility of booster doses being required.

The data from Israel has sounded the alarm, according to Eric Feigl-Ding, an epidemiologist with the Federation of American Scientists (FAS).

He stated in a series of tweets that booster shots could be the way to improve the vaccine’s effectiveness against Delta.

“GOOD and BAD NEWS on the #DeltaVariant and vaccination impacts on viral loads,” he said.

“Data from Israel now clearly shows Pfizer shots against Delta #COVID19 declining after two months and then ‘vanishing’ for viral load after [about]six months. The good news is that third shot boosters are effective.

“However, the bad news is that even with a third shot, after [about]six months, there are some minor breakthroughs (see orange).”

The epidemiologist did point out, however, that long-term data on vaccine efficacy is still few.

“Brinkwire Summary News,” he added.


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