On Mars, a NASA rover discovers a lake that may contain ancient alien species.


On Mars, a NASA rover discovers a lake that may contain ancient alien species.

Photographs of a crater on Mars were analyzed by scientists, and they revealed some startling signs of ancient life there. It’s in a crater that was once an ancient lake with a river flowing through it. A rover on Mars has confirmed the existence of an old lake that may contain biological remains.

Scientists have confirmed that the Jezero crater was once a lake around 3.7 billion years ago, based on photos from NASA’s Perseverance rover.

They believe the lake dried up due to a significant climate change event, but the dirt in the crater could still contain remnants of ancient extraterrestrial life.

While no liquid water has been discovered on Mars, scientists believe that ancient lake basins like this one show that the planet formerly had a wet, warm environment.

The rover’s photos of the crater show rocky outcrops that resemble river deltas on Earth.

Large stones found in the crater imply that the lake was originally flooded by enormous flash floods that pulled the rocks from several of miles distant.

“There isn’t a drop of water anywhere, and yet here we have evidence of a totally different past,” said Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor Benjamin Weiss.

“In the history of the planet, something really significant occurred.”

“The potential possibility to catch the moment when this crater transformed from an Earth-like habitable environment to this desolate desert wasteland we see now,” he continued.

The rover will spend the next two years investigating the old lake and gathering geological samples after landing on Mars in February. These will be returned to Earth and examined for traces of prehistoric aquatic life.

If these species are discovered, they will not only confirm that life exists elsewhere in the universe, but they will also reveal tremendous and horrifying insights into the fragility of our own climate on Earth.


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