Ofsted is being chastised by math experts for using ‘outdated sources.’


Ofsted is being chastised by math experts for using ‘outdated sources.’

Maths specialists have written a critical letter to OFSTED, accusing it of using obsolete and inappropriate materials.

The Association of Mathematics Education Teachers (AMET) has written to Ofsted, requesting that the latest research review of mathematics be withdrawn. There are references to sources dating back to 1939, as well as a study from 1988 that is used to make a statement about computer use.

The mathematical experts behind the letter are enraged because studies involving university students, not school-aged kids, are also highlighted.

Ofsted claims that its reviews are intended to support and enlighten people in charge of subject education in schools, but maths specialists at AMET disagree.

Despite the fact that England has excelled it in math in the international Pisa rankings, they examined the paper and discovered more than 100 references from the United States.

The publication also includes studies from the United States that urge for a national curriculum, something England has had for decades but which the United States lacks.

AMET officials wrote in a scathing letter to England’s school inspectorate that they have “found several severe flaws with the scholarship in the document.”

Members looked through the report’s 201 footnotes and 307 references and discovered the following:

“Several of the American sources referenced were asking for the construction of a standard curriculum in the United States, thus it was unclear why these were being used for a study in England, which already has a national curriculum,” the letter from AMET said.

“We do not believe the evidentiary base for this study, which purports to be a research review, is sound, and we demand that it be withdrawn until this is addressed.”

Ofsted stated that it had “complete confidence” in the research review and that it would not be removed.

“Research is vital in guiding the curriculum in mathematics, as it is in all subjects,” a spokeswoman stated. That’s why we’re putting up a series of topic reviews.

“The reviews lay forth the research that has guided our subject-quality decisions. We are not attempting to summarize every educational research.

“When we choose literature for the reviews, we look for studies that support the established criteria for educational quality, as specified in the education inspection framework (EIF) and summarized in our ‘Education inspection framework: overview of research’.

“We are working on a response.” Brinkwire Summary News.


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