News from archaeology: A ‘Mini Pompeii’ has been unearthed in northern Italy.


News from archaeology: A ‘Mini Pompeii’ has been unearthed in northern Italy.

ARCHAEOLOGISTS have uncovered a “miniature Pompeii” in the form of a well-preserved ancient edifice in Verona, Italy.

Experts excavating a Roman building in Verona have discovered a structure that they describe as a “miniature Pompeii.” The find was made in the Astra Cinema, which has recently undergone repairs after being closed for the past 20 years. The structure’s “magnificent frescoed walls,” which have remained mostly unaltered for nearly 2,000 years, “evokes a miniature Pompeii,” according to Verona’s archaeological superintendent.

Experts are currently unaware of the building’s purpose, which goes back to the Roman era in the second century.

However, because the roof had fallen, it seems likely that it survived a fire.

A well-preserved mosaic, as well as the remains of burnt wooden furniture, were discovered.

“A fire appears to have put an end to the complex’s attendance,” the superintendent added.

Despite the fire, “the environment was saved intact, with the wonderful colors of the frescoed walls dating back to the second century,” according to the report.

The find, as well as the fact that it survived a fire, reminded archaeologists of Pompeii.

“A disastrous occurrence, in this case a fire, abruptly marked the end of the complex, leaving traces,” according to the report.

What happened at Pompeii, on the other hand, was far more horrible.

The Mt Vesuvius volcano erupted with such force and speed in 79 AD that it entirely devoured the nearby cities of Herculaneum and Pompeii.

The explosion killed over 15,000 people in the city near Naples, Italy.

After being buried in a blanket of ash, Pompeii was so beautifully preserved that archaeologists are still able to make significant findings.

Bodies have been discovered in their final positions, as well as various structures buried beneath the ash.

It was not until the 16th century that the ruins of Pompeii were found, and excavations did not commence until the 1750s.

However, the site continues to provide big findings, and there is likely to be much more in the future.

Only around two-thirds of the 66-hectare site has been excavated so far.


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