NASA says the International Space Station is still at risk from falling debris from Russia, and that a spacewalk is being considered.


NASA says the International Space Station is still at risk from falling debris from Russia, and that a spacewalk is being considered.

The International Space Station, or ISS, is still in danger from falling debris from a Russian missile test that destroyed an old satellite, according to NASA.

The International Space Station, according to NASA, is still in danger.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA, made the announcement on Thursday, Nov.

According to the Daily Press, the risk posed by Russian weapons that blew up a satellite above the International Space Station remains a threat.

However, the US space agency previously stated that the first 24 hours following the missile attack were the most dangerous for those aboard the space station.

It’s worth noting that both US and German astronauts are currently aboard the International Space Station.

Residents closed the hatches between the compartments of the space station during the highest threat period as part of their precautions.

On October 1st,

It reopened on the 17th after the danger of falling debris had passed.

However, NASA issued a new warning on Thursday, stating that the ISS is still in grave danger.

NASA’s Spacewalk is being evaluated.

According to a news story published by The Hill, the US Space Station announced that its upcoming spacewalk, as well as other ISS operations, are now being evaluated for any potential risks.

NASA also revealed that astronauts on board the space station were planning a spacewalk for November.


It tries to repair a damaged antenna on the International Space Station (ISS).

Furthermore, the spacewalk will look for any additional potentia.

Falling debris from a Russian missile test has caused extensive damage to the space station.

However, because the risk of a disaster on the ISS remains high, a preliminary review of the spacewalk will be required before it can proceed.

Brinkwire News: The United Kingdom wants the United Nations to draft new space rules to avoid military confrontations beyond Earth’s atmosphere.

The International Space Station and Russian Missiles

Last Monday, or on November 1st.

According to, the Russian Ministry of Defense conducted its first-ever anti-satellite missile test on May 15.

The Russian missile test blew up one of its aging satellites just above the International Space Station, resulting in a cloud of space debris that alarmed those aboard the ISS.

NASA and the US government went on to condemn Russia’s latest move, claiming that it not only jeopardized the ISS but also endangered the Russian people.

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