NASA Honors Three Astronauts Who Represent American Character in the Astronaut Hall of Fame


NASA Honors Three Astronauts Who Represent the American Character in the Astronaut Hall of Fame.

Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy was inducted into the United States Astronaut Hall of Fame this past weekend, alongside veteran astronauts Michael López-Alegra and Scott Kelly.

They joined the 99 people who currently hold this prestigious honor as members of the 2020 class of inductees.

Inductees for 2020 include astronauts López-Alegra, Melroy, and Kelly.

Their induction ceremony, however, was postponed to allow us to safely honor their accomplishments with family, friends, and NASA employees at Kennedy Space Center.

“Astronauts cement America’s reputation as a beacon of discovery,” I said during my remarks, describing these three giants as “explorers, adventurers, and pioneers.”

I hope you will watch and read my remarks during this incredible induction ceremony.

As Prepared, NASA Administrator Nelson’s Remarks

Thank you for serving as Master of Ceremonies, John Zarrella.

More importantly, thank you for decades of coverage of NASA’s space program.

There are some places that represent the American character’s daring spirit.

One of these places is the Kennedy Space Center.

It’s a place where extraordinary people carry out unimaginable missions.

For nearly 60 years, explorers, pioneers, and adventurers have walked these halls.

The Astronaut Hall of Fame has a fitting home here.

America’s reputation as a beacon of exploration is cemented thanks to astronauts.

We’ve gathered today to pay tribute to three legendary astronauts: Michael Lopez-Alegra, Pamela Melroy, and Scott Kelly.

These three forerunners propelled themselves upward from this sacred site.

They looked up into the sky.

They broke records and broke barriers.

They pushed humanity’s capabilities to their limits.

We’re inducting a trailblazer today who preferred planes to dolls.

She was enthralled by the sky as a young girl.

Pam Melroy served as the Pilot on two missions and the Commander on another, and she certainly dreamed of flying among the clouds.

And, if I may say so, NASA is fortunate to have Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy as a visionary leader.

We’re also inducting a New Jersey native today.

His parents were both cops.

During high school, they encouraged him to volunteer as an EMT in his community….

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