NASA and SpaceX have decided to postpone Crew-3 until November.


NASA and SpaceX have decided to postpone Crew-3 until November.

NASA and SpaceX’s joint mission to launch Crew-3 has been postponed for the third time from its original launch date of Monday, November 8.

The mission, which was supposed to take place on Halloween, October 31, has been postponed until November 10 due to a variety of issues that the crew has encountered.

Another Delay for NASA and SpaceX Crew-3

After two previous delays to the mission, SpaceX has announced via Twitter that there will be another delay to the alleged Crew Dragon launch that the team has been preparing for weeks.

The space company and agency called it off for today, almost an hour before its scheduled launch on Monday, November 8, in order to prepare both parties by Wednesday.

Both parties agree that the hand-off or first crew change should take place on Earth rather than in orbit aboard the space station.

When the original Crew-1 and Crew-2 arrived in orbit, they did the same thing, as did the previous crew who had completed their mission and stayed on the ISS.

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— November 7, 2021, SpaceX (@SpaceX)

Crew-3 Delays at NASA and SpaceX

Initially, SpaceX’s announcement for Crew-3’s November 8 launch was made just over five hours before the rescheduling, and it appears that there was a quick change of plans.

However, the company had to deal with a number of issues, which resulted in the mission’s numerous delays.

SpaceX Missions at NASA

NASA and SpaceX had teamed up for the third time to bring astronauts to the International Space Station aboard the Crew Dragon, a reusable crew spacecraft.

NASA’s joint venture would be their third crew launch under the Commercial Crew program, putting them at risk.

The other half of the contract is known to be with Boeing and its Starliner spacecraft, which is still experiencing valve and other rocket issues, preventing its mission for NASA. Currently, SpaceX has made two successful launches, with the second returning to the surface soon after, and the third returning to the surface soon after.

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