Morbius-like Delays in 5 Superhero Movies


Morbius-like Delays in 5 Superhero Movies

There haven’t been many successful superhero films, despite the fact that there have been many.

When it was announced earlier this week that Jared Leto’s Morbius would be delayed until April, the movie world wept.

Marvel’s vampiric antihero was supposed to be the next addition to Spider-Man’s cinematic universe, which has recently expanded in some interesting ways, but it hasn’t happened for 30 Seconds to Mars’ frontman.

This is the film’s seventh postponement: originally set for release in the summer of 2020, the pandemic has forced Sony to postpone it multiple times in the hopes of a Venom-like success.

(The blockbuster success of Spider-Man: No Way Home can also be attributed to this recent delay, in addition to the Omicron variant.)

In the end, these delays are minor, but they have a significant impact on the superhero genre.

The MCU prides itself on its forward momentum, and the fact that no MCU films were released in 2020 caused some to reconsider their relationship with Disney’s megafranchise.

While waiting for The Flash to reset everything, even the Warner Bros. universe of heroes is unsure how the films will connect.

We decided to take a look back at some of the most notorious superhero movie delays in recent years, inspired by Morbius’ latest rebuke.

Not all are related to the pandemic, and not all have been released yet, but they’re notable for how much their release dates have shifted.

Prior to being acquired by Disney, Fox had a number of X-Men films in the works, but only the horror spinoff New Mutants and the reboot’s conclusion Dark Phoenix saw release.

Both Mutants and Phoenix were supposed to hit theaters in the spring and fall of 2018, but Mutants blinked first and was pushed back to February 2019 to avoid cannibalization by Deadpool 2.

Ironically, the postponement (hashtag)2 was made to avoid a similar clash with Phoenix, which had been scheduled for February.

Phoenix is an interesting city.

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