Moment does not exist: Physicists have demonstrated that everything happens at the same time.


Moment does not exist: Physicists have demonstrated that everything happens at the same time.

TIME IS NOT REAL – it is a human construct that helps us distinguish between today and our perception of the past, according to another equally amazing and perplexing notion.

Everything that has ever been and will ever be is happening right now, thanks to the illusion of time created by human memories. That is the theory of a group of eminent scientists who are attempting to unravel one of the universe’s mysteries.

Most people don’t even think about time, but there’s nothing in the principles of physics that says it has to flow in the direction we know it does.

Because the principles of physics are symmetric, time might have easily proceeded in the opposite way as it does forward.

Indeed, some proponents of the “Big Crunch” idea believe that when the universe stops expanding and starts shrinking back in on itself, time will go backwards.

Scientists have pondered why we view time in a forward direction.

Eventually, some people came to the conclusion that time is merely a human invention.

They contend that there is a ‘block universe’ in which time and space are linked, also known as spacetime.

Space and time are part of a four-dimensional framework in which everything that has happened has its own coordinates in spacetime, according to the theory, which is backed up by Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Everything would be’real’ in the sense that the past, present, and future are all still existent in spacetime, making everything equally essential as the present.

“We can portray our reality as either a three-dimensional place where stuff happens over time, or as a four-dimensional place where nothing happens [‘block universe’] — and if it really is the second picture, then change is an illusion, because there’s nothing that’s changing; it’s all just there — past, present, and future,” Massachusetts Institute of Technology physicist Max Tegmark told

“At every given time, we have the delusion that the past has already occurred, the future does not yet exist, and that things are changing.

“However, all I’m ever aware of is my current mental state. My brain has memories, which is the only reason I feel like I have a past.”

Julian Barbour, a physicist from the United Kingdom who has written multiple books on the subject. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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