London may be REMOVED as the UK capital, according to experts, who warn that flooding will render the city untenable.


London may be REMOVED as the UK capital, according to experts, who warn that flooding will render the city untenable.

An expert has warned that increasing sea levels and climate change are threatening to submerge London, putting the city at risk of being supplanted as the UK’s capital.

Scientists warn that unless global warming is halted, London will experience more extreme weather and flooding in the future. London, Hull, and Bristol, according to Sir David King, leader of the Climate Advisory Group, are all at risk from increasing sea levels. The warning comes after the capital has been wracked by severe rains overnight.

If all of the planet’s glaciers and polar ice caps melt, global sea levels might increase by up to 70 meters (230 feet).

This worst-case scenario, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS), would flood “every coastal city on the earth.”

The waterlogged capital might look like as early as 2030, according to maps released earlier this summer.

Sir David has now proposed that the capital be moved away from London in order to avoid climatic chaos.

In an interview with the Mirror, he said: “Because we are an island nation, the most serious threat posed by climate change is rising sea levels and storms at sea.

“And when you’re an island nation, storms at sea also bring storms inland, so our coastal areas are being attacked at the same time that our rivers are flooding.”

He went on to say that London is in jeopardy because the Thames and the Thames estuary are “attacking” the capital “from both sides.”

Last night, the capital got a taste of what life would be like under dramatic climate change.

Strong gusts and severe downpours swept across the country, flooding major London streets.

According to the Met Office, more than an inch of rain fell in less than an hour over Westminster’s St James’s Park.

Greg McKenzie shared a video on Twitter of automobiles ploughing through flooded streets in Knightsbridge at 5 a.m. on Tuesday.

The Met Office has issued a rain warning for the north of England, despite the fact that the rain has stopped in the capital.

Hull and Newcastle upon Tyne are included in the yellow warning.

According to weather predictions, “a few residences and businesses will be inundated,” as well as bus and train services.

Parts of the world, according to Sir David, are already experiencing the kind of instability he expects London will confront.

“If we go forward in time and continue,” he remarked. Brinkwire Summary News “..


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