Locals in South Africa are terrified by the ‘biblical’ locust plague, which they describe as ‘like a horror movie.’


Locals in South Africa are terrified by the ‘biblical’ locust plague: ‘It’s like something out of a horror movie.’

Millions of bothersome bugs have been flying into car windscreens and motorcycle helmets, making it difficult for motorists to travel through various South African highways.

The crop-munching pests have caused panic in several provinces of the country, according to one observer, making the road conditions “feel like a horror movie.” Several provinces have been placed on high alert, and the crop-munching pests continued to cause panic on Wednesday.

Drivers are advised not to use their wipers while driving because this will smear the locusts across the windshield, reducing visibility even more.

According to local media, the government has already spent millions of Rands trying to combat the brown locust infestation that has afflicted much of South Africa.

In a written reply to Parliament, the South African National Department of Agriculture stated that fighting the plague has already cost it more than R74,6 million (£3.4 million).

The cost of hiring and training contractors, as well as the cost of insecticides and other safety equipment, is included in this figure.

According to JacardaFM, Noupoort, Middelburg, and Colesberg appear to be the hardest hit by the infestation, and locust swarms are now posing a serious threat to drivers.

Because locusts destroy crops, these attacks are likely to result in food shortages in the country.

Last year, the United Nations warned that a new locust outbreak in South Sudan could affect 25 million people in the east African region.

According to the United Nations, a locust swarm of one square kilometer can consume the same amount of food as 35,000 people in one day.

Many people took to the internet to express their terror after seeing videos of highways filled with insects.

One person compared the locust infestation to the infamous plague, describing it as “biblical.”

“Pro tip – to make it easier to remove all the squished insect bits from the front end of your vehicle once home, spray liberally with Mr Muscle kitchen cleaner, let soak for a few minutes, and then wipe off….this will save a lot of elbow grease, trust me,” another helpful Twitter user advised.


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