LIVE STREAM OF THE SOLAR ECLIPSE: How to see the ‘Ring of Fire’ solar eclipse online today


LIVE STREAM OF THE SOLAR ECLIPSE: How to see the ‘Ring of Fire’ solar eclipse online today

Today’s SOLAR ECLIPSE will turn the Sun into a stunning Ring of Fire. On this website, you may watch the annular solar eclipse from the comfort of your own home.

With the coming of a “very unique” annular eclipse today, astronomers and amateur skygazers are in for a treat. Over certain portions of the Northern Hemisphere, the eclipse will turn the Sun into a mesmerizing “Ring of Fire,” a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon. Millions of people will be able to observe a partial eclipse of the Sun outside of the annularity path, which passes across areas of Canada, Greenland, and Russia.

Astronomers in the United Kingdom anticipate that between 20 and 30 percent of the Sun will be eclipsed by 11.13 a.m. BST.

In New York City, however, approximately 80% of the Sun will be obscured by the Moon.

Whatever the case may be, Dr. Gianluca Masi, the director of the Virtual Telescope Project in Italy, is ecstatic to be able to share the eclipse with the general public today.

Dr. Masi will conduct a free webcast highlighting the eclipse over Canada, the United States, and Italy, which you can watch here.

“To me, an eclipse – whether solar or lunar – is always quite special,” the astrophysicist told This website.

“Even partial ones, as they inform us about the fascinating physics involved: to observe an eclipse, you actually need a perfect alignment among the participating bodies, an eclipse isn’t an obvious and common show!”

The Virtual Telescope’s live stream is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. BST, around eight minutes before partial eclipse occurs over the United Kingdom.

Dr. Masi has teamed up with North American astronomers who will provide their perspectives on the eclipse.

And when those photographs start streaming in, Dr. Masi feels the audience will be in for a treat.

“It’s fascinating to witness how the eclipse evolved over time, but during the apex, you get the impression that time is flying by,” he said. This experience never gets old for me.

“The lesson to be learned is that our sky, our Universe, are incredible, and that they provide us with numerous occasions to gaze upward and marvel at their majesty.

“These sentiments are most likely bringing us much closer to our ancestors emotionally, and I think that is priceless.”

The Ring of “Brinkwire Summary News,” according to Dr. Masi.


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