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Jokes on Twitter: The Asteroid that Almost Killed Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is here, and Twitter has some hilarious remarks about the asteroid that just almost hit Earth. It is said that the near-earth intersection is supposed to happen on Saturday, Feb 15, at exactly 6:05 am EST, which the asteroid will pass by Earth with the closest distance of 0.03860 astronomical units or better yet known as 3.6 million miles away from Earth. 

With all jokes aside, an Asteroid of this size being about a kilometer wide should do critical damage to Earth, and the casualties would be massive, but thankfully, we are just lucky enough for these types of asteroids to brush our shoulders every once in a while without making direct contact with Earth. There is no telling how devastating direct contact with an Asteroid would be. The asteroid is identified as 163373 or 2002 PZ39.

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According to a reliable source, if ever contact was made with this asteroid, we would suffer a nuclear winter and even a mass extinction meaning we would lose a drastic amount of not just human life but also a few species as well as some of them are only located in certain parts of the world. It is a good thing that this asteroid will pass us by, and we can celebrate Valentine’s day in peace.

Twitter has taken the opportunity to get some humor out of this situation as some people usually deal with fear by making up jokes.

If there’s an asteroid hitting earth then I’m going to need it to wait until the 1st.

I’ve got two weeks of rent to live out of this apt and I would like to not waste money.

— CorEy-spondent (@CoreyPTownsend) February 13, 2020″

By @CoreyPTownsend 

guys, you still have to deal with valentine’s day. in fact, you really need to use this to your advantage.

go out with an epic bang.

— Bonnie Blue (@BonnieBlueTK) February 13, 2020 

By @BonnieBlueTK

The asteroid is now polling at 15 percent in the Democratic primary

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) February 13, 2020″ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>The asteroid is now polling at 15 percent in the Democratic primary”

By @atrupar

NASA has confirmed Asteroid is hurtling towards Earth at an incredible speed. (RT) for a chance to stay in my bunker with me!

— KEEM (@KEEMSTAR) February 13, 2020 


does it have a name, or number? need to know what to write on my ballot

— feenxc (@therealfeenxc) February 13, 2020 

By @therealfeenxc

So you’re telling me Cyberpunk 2077 is getting delayed again?

— Alex (@AlexHinesBitch) February 14, 2020 

By @ShinjiKouki

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Aside from these Tweets, there are thousands of tweets that express both humor and also a concern for this Asteroid, almost hitting Earth right after Valentine’s Day. The coincidence of this happening on Valentine’s Day is what really sets the mood for humor on twitter, but there are also a lot of jokes without mentioning Valentine’s at all. We just dodged another bullet this time. Earth is lucky once again! 

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