Jeff Bezos has been chastised by Elon Musk for “ignoring counsel” in space: ‘Don’t do stupid things,’ says the narrator.


Jeff Bezos has been chastised by Elon Musk for “ignoring counsel” in space: ‘Don’t do stupid things,’ says the narrator.

Elon Musk lambasted Jeff Bezos for allegedly “ignoring” his advice on space, with the SpaceX CEO reportedly shouting, “Don’t do dumb things.”

Mr. Bezos, the founder of Blue Origin, has confirmed that he will be on board New Shepard when it makes its maiden human spaceflight on July 20. It follows a back-and-forth with Mr Musk, who has pressed on with SpaceX’s development. Mr. Bezos has previously dismissed Mr Musk’s desire to colonize Mars, saying, “My pals who want to migrate to Mars? I say, do me a favor and spend a year on the summit of Mount Everest.”

Mr Musk dubbed Mr Bezos a “copycat” after Amazon announced its intention to build Internet-beaming satellites in the same year, and he repeated the insult after Amazon acquired self-driving cab company Zoox a year later.

Mr Musk, 49, hinted in a July interview with the New York Times that Blue Origin was not imaginative enough and that Mr Bezos, 56, was too old to compete.

“The rate of progress is too slow, and the time he has left is insufficient,” he remarked, “but I’m delighted he’s doing what he’s doing with Blue Origin.”

Moreover, tech writer Trung Phan has tracked the origins of their “different approaches” on Twitter.

“In 2004, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos met for a meal to talk space,” he explained.

“It was one of their few face-to-face encounters.

“That dialogue wonderfully encapsulates the disparities in their approaches to space (and why SpaceX has pulled ahead of Blue Origin).”

“Bezos wanted to pick Musk’s brain while SpaceX was testing engines in Texas, even though the company had yet to send a rocket into orbit. It was a highly technical discussion.

“Musk was underwhelmed by Bezos’ progress.”

Interestingly, author Christian Davenport included Mr Musk’s insights from the interview in his book “The Space Barons.”

“We talked about rocket architectures,” he stated. It was evident that he was barking up the wrong tree from a technical standpoint, and I attempted to offer him the best advise I could.

“They were looking at several engine architectures that were on the wrong evolutionary path.”

Mr. Musk claimed that he told Mr. Bezos that he had already attempted several of his ideas.

He went on to say, “Dude, we tried that, and it turned out to be quite stupid, so.” “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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