‘It’s not even close!’ Despite a pioneering vow to phase out fossil fuels, the United Kingdom has been criticized.


‘It’s not even close!’ Despite a pioneering vow to phase out fossil fuels, the United Kingdom has been criticized.

Despite signing a breakthrough vow to phase out fossil fuels at COP26, the UK has been chastised for its climate efforts.

A near-final version of the COP26 agreement was released this morning, appearing to moderate calls to phase out all fossil fuel subsidies and phase out all coal use. In a previous version, governments were urged to “accelerate the phase-out of coal and fossil fuel subsidies.” However, the phrasing has been altered to state that governments should speed up “the phaseout of unabated coal power and wasteful fossil fuel subsidies.”

Saudi Arabia, India, Russia, and a few other nations have lobbied against the fossil fuel phase-out language.

The draft wording was blasted by environmentalist George Monbiot.

He stated to Sky News: “They claim to want to phase out coal and fossil fuels completely, which is a fantastic start.

“This refers to coal-fired power plants that do not capture carbon dioxide and store it underground.

“Currently, countries are paying billions and trillions of dollars into subsidizing fossil fuels.

“It’s a fantastic concept to get rid of those two things, but it’s still nowhere near the core policy of leaving all fossil fuels in the ground that we need.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, according to Shadow Minister for International Development Preet Gill, needs to lead by example.

She stated, ” “I believe the terminology is excellent, but while we are advising other nations to phase out fossil fuels, we are still toying with the concept in the United States.

“If we don’t have the funds, many developing countries will be unable to participate.

“How will they change their economy if they don’t have the financial resources?”

It is welcome, and the wording is more precise, but it will be difficult to implement without the necessary funding.”

At the talks, which are set to expire at 6 p.m. today, the plan is likely to be further negotiated.

“It might be better, it should be better, and we have one day left to make it a lot, lot better,” Greenpeace International Executive Director Jennifer Morgan said of the present text.

“The wording still bears the imprints of fossil fuel interests, and this is hardly the game-changing agreement that many hoped for in Glasgow.

“The fundamental line on phasing out coal and fossil fuel subsidies has been severely weakened, but it remains in place and must be re-enforced before the summit ends.

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